Subject: Re: Retrieving money on travels
Hi Lucy,

In Copenhagen, I tried my card in about 6 different types of ATMs. They all displayed the logo of my ATM network, but none of them allowed me to withdraw money. In frantic conversations with my bank back in Chicago, they suggested that a Debit Card might have worked. I only had an ATM card with me, so I can't say if that would have been a solution. And I know my ATM card was valid, because as soon as I left Denmark it worked perfectly in other ATMS all up and down northwest Europe.

Also be aware that in Denmark there seems to be a practice of discouraging the use of credit cards. Many places will inform you either verbally or on a menu for example, that a surcharge will be imposed for payment with a credit card. I saw surcharges ranging from 3% to 6%. It seemed most common in restaurants.

Joel, in Chicago