Subject: Re: Credit Card Questions
Hi Jane,

"Bank of America customers can withdraw cash with their Bank of America Check Card or ATM Card without a fee at nearly 13,000 Bank of America ATMs in the United States and at over 12,000 international ATMs operated by members of the Global ATM Alliance. Bank of America may assess a fee for some transactions performed at ATMs operated by others and the ATM operator may charge an additional fee for cash withdrawals."

See: Overseas fee policies

From what I have been able to ascertain, it would appear that the Global ATM Alliance ATMs in Italy are operated by Deutsche Bank. As it's a German Bank, I suspect that the number of ATMs in Italy might be limited, and possibly only in Rome.

I think you should discuss your concerns with your bank to ask specific questions about what they will charge. If they tell you there will be no charge if you use Global ATM Alliance ATMs, ask them for the addresses of the terminals.

Hope that helps, Linda