Subject: Re: GOL Airlines
Hi, Ziners -

I have been away for a few days and just saw the messages regarding GOL.

Be assured it is a very good company. Flights are on time, planes are good and so is service. It started a few years ago - just short domestic flights. It is doing so well that now it flies to Buenos Aires.

My last flight with GOL was to Florianópolis, about two hours by air, south of São Paulo. It was very good. My sons and daughter fly GOL all the time, on business, specially to Rio de Janeiro. This is a 40 minutes flight.

To give an idea on prices - Varig - THE brazilian airline - costs about 300 dollars at today´s exchange for a round trip São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro. GOL, if one makes a reservation a couple of days before flying - charges about 150 dollars. Quite a difference, no?

Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brazil