Subject: Re: Paris for short stay with young teen?

The Danube, a 3 star hotel, on rue Jacob in the 6th arrondisement has a family room. That is, a regular room for two and then another small room attached to it with a door seperating the two. You can only enter the second room from the first - i.e. no entrance from the hallway. If I remember correctly, there is only one bathroom. My friends stayed in this room last year with their daughter. It's a lovely hotel in an ideal location.

The Hotel Fleurie, another 3 star hotel in the 6th, also has a family room. I *think* it's on rue Gregoire des Tours. It's ideally located right off Blvd St. Germain.

Though I have not stayed in the above two hotels, I've been in their lobby's and have friends who've stayed in them. Both are terrific.

The Hotel Prince du Conti on rue de Guenegaud (sp?) (NOT it's sister hotel Prince de Conde on rue Seine) has a family room that has a sleeping loft which is good for families. This is also a 3 star hotel. I stayed here on my first trip to Paris and it's very lovely.

All are in great locations.

If your friends are on a tight budget, then there are some excellent 2 star hotels that might serve them well. However, they should double check that the hotel has air conditioning. They don't want to be in Paris in August without it!

They should also search 3 star hotels in the 5th arrondisement/latin quarter which might be cheaper. The teenage daughter will love it since it's the student area.

Candice NYC