Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Greetings, Ziners -

Didi, Michael makes several excellent suggestions - I definitely second his recommendation of walking poles (don't worry about the anti-shock feature that some offer - more expensive and no benefit unless you're regularly walking miles on hard surfaces) and gaiters to really keep your feet dry. Here are some more suggestions:

I've had two pairs of Goretex-lined boots and love them to death - they keep out so much more water than I would've imagined. My first pair was by Vasque and lasted 15 years; now I have a pair by Ecco. I feel the tread on the first pair was better, but you can't just tell by brand. Goretex boots aren't cheap, but worth every penny, IMO. Just make sure you go to a good store and get a good fit. If you are just going to be walking and not backpacking you don't need a heavy duty boot. Get the lightest boot with enough support for your activity.

Another important item for keeping your feet blister free is a good pair of socks. I recommend Wigwam's Merino Wool Comfort Hikers - comparable to SmartWool and less expensive.

Happy hiking! Cindy in NC