Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Didi and Walking Ziners All,

Check out some of the "sneakers" by Keen and Merrell. Not high tops, but I think they are made for climbing/walking. I am buying Keen's "Taos" style--it is so light, comfortable and supportive, and yet has a great sole, and they tout their toe protection; but haven't tried them out yet. They call it one of the "hybrid" shoes. Here is a picture and a bit of the description of the Keen Taos:

"The Keen Taos Hiking Shoe is the latest in the increasingly popular category of hybrid footwear. Not quite a sandal, but not quite a full shoe, the Taos is nonetheless extremely adept in or out of water. The Taos's uppers are a mixture of mesh, synthetic leather, and webbing that protects your upper foot but feels airy like a sandal...." Wish I could remember the Merrell style name (Ventilator perhaps--I know they have more than one with this name in it), but once you see the Keen one, maybe you can pick out a similar one in Merrell.

Also, I live in Houston Texas and we have a new store opening near us, Gander Mtn. These shoes are listed there for $90, about ten dollars cheaper than anything I have found online. AND starting on May 9, there is a coupon good for $15 off a $75 purchase--can't beat the price. I bet you could get a coupon online or call and ask about it; we got ours in the mail.

Nancy Houston Texas