Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Ol Ziners,

I fully agree with Michael, and he is right on having two walking poles instead of one. Another advantage of the poles is about your arms. If I walk for a number of hours without walking poles my hands wil swell and they will be numbeness (like they are asleep). With the walking poles I will be o.k.

I walked during a week, last year in Slovenia mountains, and I was surprised to see the locals always walking with 2 poles. I understood why from my own experience, because I used none.

Another point is the size of the poles. You can find some walking poles with the adjustable height, and others with suspension. The right size of the poles will make your arm to make a 90 angle on the elbow.

About the sole, there is a mark called "Vibrant" which has a yellow base on the sole of the boots. It is very good.

Also do not forget to use good walking socks. Go to a store and you will find a lot of options.

Good walking or Boas caminhadas in Portuguese

Joo in Lisboa, Portugal