Subject: Re: Global Positioning System?
Hello Nancy and Ziners,

I have an installed GPS in my car and since I am in sales, I use it constantly. It is especially useful when I am lost in a strange city and don't know where the freeway on ramp is. I just push the "go home" button and away I go. Mine also is voice guided and uses a woman's voice telling me to turn here and there plus many, many other fun features. It's possible that one could get back their investment of the device upon resale because of its uniqueness.

The GPS does have limitations. They can be dangerous when watching and driving at the same time and because of that, my version will not let me edit my route until I am at a stand still. The devices can also get confused when in off road areas and then it announces that it no longer can guide us. Once I asked it the way to the nearest Post Office and it wanted me to drive across country to Washington D.C. It can also get confused when in neighborhoods with new developments and new roads. One can upgrade the computer map every couple of years at a cost up to $250.

My suggestion for a hand held device would be one with color and with the largest screen possible for use in an auto. I don't see how people use and see those small, on top of dash board mounted models. By the time you add features, you might find that you are near to the price of a preinstalled unit.

Several years ago, some friends were traveling in the south of France and used a GPS that plugged into or was incorporated into their laptop and used a small antenna that attached to the car roof. They had made reservations in some isolated, country inn and would have never found it if not for the GPS.

It is still fun to get lost and visit those towns not on your schedule - some of our best memories.

Peter in San Francisco