Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Hi Didi and Ziners!

I agree with the group advice about the combination hiking boots and gaiters and the use of 2 trekking poles. My favorite boot for the past 5 years is the LL Bean Cresta Hiker. My boots have been on a number of 1 and 2 week backpacks and numerous weekend slogs in the southeast and have kept my feet dry and happy. I plan to replace them with another pair of the same. The Cresta Hikers are available in 3 widths a numerous sizes and have the required Gortex lining, Vibram soles and leather I sound like an ad?? :-) Whether you purchase your boot at a local outdoor store or someplace like LL Bean or REI a quality pair that meets your weather requirements and fits your feet will be the boot you suggest next time someone asks! You may want to consider a "Superfeet" insole to provide additional shock absorption and foot support-available at your local outdoor store.

In regards to trekking poles, the brands with "spring", such as REI or Leki are worth the extra dollars to me, especially on the downhill after many hours of hiking.

Happy trekking! Beverly Knoxville, TN