Subject: Re re: Waterproof hiking boots
Hi Ziners,

Thanks for the advice. I shopped for the boots today and ended up witha pair of Solitudes by Montrail. These re not Gortex, but full-grain leather with a Vibram sole Apparently I have weird-sized feet, because the fitter (at Hilton Tent City in Boston) had trouble finding shoes that worked for me. And we were at it for hours. The only pair of Gortex hikers that seemed to fit right didn't give a lot of support around the ankles. Plus, they were men's shoes!

So--did I make a mistake buying an all-leather boot as opposed to Gortex? The right shoe is critical--can't risk foot pain because I have to walk from inn to inn each day to get to my next destination.

I could always return these and try to find some of your shoe recommendations. The store I went to today didn't carry any of them. Maybe I'd have more luck at REI.

Best, Didi in Boston