Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Hi Ziners Didi, as you know the point of the Goretex membrane is to keep the water out. However, my wife has had the same pair of leather Scarpa boots (Vibram soles I think) without any Goretex for at least 10 years and must have done at least 1200 km in them. In that time I've had 2 pairs of Goretex boots but I don't think her feet have ever been wet when mine haven't.

So the moral of this story probably is that really high quality boots without Goretex may be as good as slightly less expensive ones(as mine were) with Goretex. I think if your boots feel really comfortable I'd tend to stick with them. Just put plenty of waterproofing wax on them and wear some (lightish) gaiters. And if your feet do get wet- what the hell - worse things could happen!!

Good luck Michael, in still dry Sydney Australia