Subject: Re: Retrieving money on travels
Hi Ziners,

Coincidentally yesterday my daughter's father-in-law said that he had problems withdrawing money in Paris last year.

Would a European resident comment, please? Aren't there two different types of bank machines? We seem to recall that we saw ones for us to withdraw money using our ATM / bank card and one for something else, for patrons of that bank. Updatting your bank account? Putting money on your debit card? Or ???


Frances of Toronto Currently in Montreal visiting family

Modīs note : Frances, at least in Spain (and Iīd say that it is the same in the rest of Europe), there is no difference between the ATMīs. They only have different functions depending on the card you are using. If they recognize the card as belonging to the bank, the machine will offer you more options in order to manage your account. Thatīs all, usually. There are sometimes special machines where you can buy cinema or museum or transport tickets, but you can use them even with a card affiliated with a different bank. Some of the problems with the withdrawal might come from the daily limits, I think, and in France the cards with the electronic chip are becoming quite popular, so that could be another of the reasons. Rgds, Covadonga