Subject: Welcome Jerry -- Tuscany
Hi Jerry (and Ziners),

If you haven't already, check out Don and Linda's Italy travelogues. Great fun, if you can stand the torture of reading about all their fabulous meals!

My favorite smallish town is Radda in the Chianti. I was there in May, so it was not overrun by tourists. There was a great little local restaurant in the heart of town--don't remember the name, but it's very central. Beautiful and quiet little town. Lucca is not small, but in my opinion a must-see. My all-time favorite, despite the very touristy center, is San Gimignano. There are lots of lovely back roads to travel, but best of all is the splendid countryside all around. The highlight of my stay there was a guided walk/wine tour of the countryside, though I don't know if these are still offered.

Haven't been to the Greek Islands close to Turkey, but I hear good things about Lesbos.

Didi from Boston