Subject: Re: Credit Card Questions
Hi, Ziners. Perhaps I can comment on the statement about the Capital One card being the best for foreign transactions and whether they will start charging the 3%.

I just got back from a Pacific Coastal cruise (wonderful!), that included Canada, and I'll report on it when I get my notes typed up. However, when I was in Vancouver, B.C., I tried to charge on my Capital One card a pair of cute yoga sweat pants that had VANCOUVER and then CANADA on the seat of the pants, but my charge got rejected. I should have had plenty available, but I got to thinking the cruise ship may have over-charged my credit card like hotels do in case there were any last-minute unforeseen charges. I called Capital One from the airport, and got India, but I understood this one pretty well. I asked for a raise in my limit, which I've never asked for before. She said she couldn't do it, and this was her explanation: Capital One is a very conservative bank and does not raise limits even though I am one of their best clients. She said that Capital One in a couple of months, however, is going to become more aggressive and then will raise limits. She said I have priority, and I will be sent a letter when I can do that.

I'm assuming that since they will be changing their policies, they *may* then start charging the fee for foreign transactions.

Oh, by the way, I was able to buy the pants after my daughter and I pooled together our remaining cash (American dollars). We had just enough after the conversion from Canadian to American dollars was made!

Diana, who loves Canada and the people there San Diego, California