Subject: Re: Waterproof hiking boots
Hi Didi:

Others have given you excellent advice! If you are still feeling a lttle uncertain about the boots you chose, I think you should go to EMS or REI and have the excellent staff at those stores help you with fitting and choosing the right boot for you. You are so lucky to have close access to such great stores.

I personally prefer REI---they have stores in Boston Hingham and Reading. I bought a pair of Vasque "water-resistant" boots there last summer that I used for hikes in the White Mountains, Kathadin, and elsewhere in Maine and New Brunswick, and they were great right out of the box, and my feet stayed dry. I wear a liner and a hiking sock with them.

Good luck, and if you are hiking the "camino" to Santiago, I will be very interested in hearing about your experience when you return. It's on my "to do" list!

Kevin in Douglas, NB, Canada