Subject: Re: South Africa
Hello Ziners, and in particular Pamela.

I lived and studied in South Africa, so may be able to help a little. Firstly, I have difficulty believing a shortage of ATMs in Durban, Jo'burg and Cape Town, as all three are major centres. As I have never been to Durban, and my last trip to Jo'burg was probably 20 years ago, I am not really qualified to comment. I do know a fair amount about Cape Town, as my parents live there, and I visit every 3 to 4 years. Certainly there is no shortage of ATMs in Cape Town, and I have never had problems withdrawing cash with either my bank nor credit cards.

Cape Town is a wonderful city. It is difficult to know what to recommend without knowing what interests your daughter has, at what time of year she is going, and whether she will have access to a car. It also depends on how much "free time" she has, and how far she is able/willing to travel. Certainly the scenic routes around Table Mountain and the Cape peninsular are "Must sees". The wineroutes are worth doing if only for the scenary. Climbing table mountain is very worthwhile. (it is a steepish walk rather than a climb is for the very fit - otherwise there is a cable car.)

Hope this is helpful, feel free any more questions. TimW, Hampshire, UK