Subject: Re: Japanese plumbing
Hi Bettina, Ziners,

Plumbing is mostly no problem. In public areas like train stations, Shrines and such there was almost always at least one western toilet available. It is usually the last one at the end. When there is not specifically a western toilet, the handicapped facilities are western style and often so are the mother and infant facilites. Every place that I saw was kept very clean, but carry tissues with you, they often do not supply paper.

Facilities for the blind are excellent. In many places there are even "traffic dividers" on the sidewalks. Someone suggested to me that these were to help a blind person locate him/her self See "Nara" photos: Even hotel buttons have Braille in 2 languages.

For the physically disabled person or wheeelchair user it is more difficult. The subways usually, but not always, have escalators, more rarely elevators. The entrances to Temples and Shrines all (seemed to me) to require climbing any number of stairs.

Have a nice day. Debby - Israel