Subject: Israel and Egypt
Hi All,

I do not have enough words to describe the trip I made to Egypt and Israel, the things that I lived, the people I met are unforgettable.

I would rather tell you what I would not do if I had another chance to go to these countries.

I want to thank all the people who gave me some advise specially Carol Bailey, Alexander Elbert and Bettina Gould who had enough patience to answer all the questions I had and gave me invaluable information.

Cairo 1) I would not go to the Cairo Museum without knowing the highlights 2) I would not spend more than four days in Luxor 3) I would not leave Luxor without knowing Abydos I would not book a hotel in Luxor if Janes apartment are available

Israel 1) I would not think that I was unsafe in Israel 2) I would not spend less than two days in Jerusalem

These are some web pages that were very useful in my trip

Good food?

Tel Aviv: Forelin Restaurant (frishman 10 tel.03.-5222-664)

Let me "land" in Mexico City and I will give you more info. Andres de la Cruz Ibaņez