Subject: Re: Apts in Paris

My favorite area is also the 6th when I stay in a hotel. However, I now usually stay with friends when I go to Paris and have become familiar with their neighborhood. They live in the 16th and it's the chic neighborhood. In all honestly, it's a bit too boring for my tastes, but I can see you're having trouble finding a place because of Premier Vision. So, if you see anything in the 16th, it's okay, Try to stay near Rue Passy with is a busy commerical street with some life. The metro stop would be La Muette.

Also, I'd opt for the Marais area which is in parts of the 3rd and 4th. Also, the Il St. Louis is a charming spot to stay in.

As I think about it, if I couldn't stay in the 6th, my 2nd choice would be the Marais. Rue de Rosiers is the main street in that area.

Candice NYC