Subject: Re: South Africa
Hi Ziners,

Thank you for your messages regarding South Africa. My daughter will be traveling with a group of 80 scholars who are studying to become medical doctors. Guides and supervision are part of their group. She will be in South Africa for three weeks. She is responsible for one meal per day. All transportation and accommodations are taken care of. She will be observing South Africa's Medical System, Medical Education, Examine the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in KwaZulu- Natal, Observing King Edward VIII Hospital, Meeting non- governmental organizations providing relief worldwide etc. She will spend two days on safari.

I have secured two ATM cards for her linked to my checking account. She has a Visa and a MasterCard with pin numbers for cash if needed. She will have her Rand and American money. I hope we have covered all the bases, and hopefully thought of most scenarios where something could go wrong. I have printed out the places Cirrus ATM's are located in Durban, Johannesburg, and Capetown. Surprisingly, there are few, but maybe not all are part of her Cirrus network.

Thank you for the warning about Johannesburg. We have read many warnings about that city and the women will never travel alone, even in a group. This is a fabulous experience, but I will wait anxiously for her return.

Pamela Wisconsin