Subject: Re: Apts in Paris
Hi, Vanessa:

"Take the fifth". The only way you could get closer to the heart of ancient Paris would be to be jailed in the holding cells of the Palais de Justice on the Ile de la cite (is this in the first?), where you find the original courtrooms from the Revolution (still in use today ) and which is attached to the Conciergerie, the remains of the palace of Philippe le Beau.

The seventh, in my opinion, is comparatively modern and sterile despite having M. Eiffel's pile of girders and the shrine to the megalomaniac Bonaparte (or is the latter in the otherwise tres aimable sixth?). Your daughter will probably enjoy the student life of the fifth, ( the Universite de Paris is the world's oldest) and if not, who could not fail to be impressed by things such as Roman baths turned into a great medieval museum (la Musee Cluny) and sidewalk crepe stands among the bookstores along streets once walked by Abelard and Villon , all of which testify to the essence of the world's greatest city. There are lots of cafes and restaurants to drop into on your way home after a long day of exploring. The Ile de la cite is a short walk north. If the day is sunny when you arrive, as soon as you have checked in go to La Sainte Chapelle behind the Palais de Justice. That has become my personal ritual. You will see why.

Eric, in Toronto, who would rather be in Paris