Subject: Re: How Expensive Belgium / Amsterdam?
Hi Cynthia,

I agree with Joel. You can definitely find lunch and dinner much less than $100 euros. For a quick cheap lunch, I recommend broodjes. These are sandwiches made from freshly baked buns. They are either a round bun similar to a hamburger/kaiser roll or a pistolet which is a longer bun. They also come either white or in wheat. You select your bread and then the filling of your choice. They range from sliced ham, roast beef to chicken curry salad. The cost is usually about 3 euros at most. Just one warning, I don't recommend the filet american unless you like raw ground beef. It is basically steak tartare. I have no idea why it is called 'american'.

The other option is eetcafes. These are bars/pubs that serves meals. They have of a plate of the day which is a good bargain. They often come with the main course, side vegetable, salad and dessert. These can run from 10-20 euros.

Happy Travels, Marta in Washington State