Subject: Re: Greece
Thanks Joanna for your message,

We are still in the earliest stages of planning our trip. We will probably be in Greece for 7 to 10 days and will probably take a boat from Italy possibly to Kerkira and then on to Athens (by rental car or public transportation?). We would only stay in Athens for a day or so to see the main sites. We are not particularly interested in one of the best known or most visited island. We would like something that is little off the beaten path. Our only thought about being closer to Turkey is that we would like to be able to take a day trip there; otherwise, we are still very much open about which island or islands to visit. Since we won't be there that long, we don't want to visit a lot of different islands and spend a lot of time moving. In fact, if it is the right place with some good cafes, a nice beach and some local sites to visit with possible day trips to adjacent islands that would be perfect. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jerry in Alberta, Canada