Subject: Re: Summer Plans?
Hello fellow Ziners - due to an upcoming second knee replacement, any summer vacation plans we may have been considering have been shelved.

We were planning to entertain some visitors from England but they are arriving within two weeks of the surgery - I have done my best to assist them with travel plans.

Fortunately, we do have a swimming pool and a pool house so I hope to convalesce just out my back door on a chaise lounge with hopefully a few good books - and my husband knows how to barbecue!

We are planning a long weekend in Niagara in mid-October where we will be joining members of the FoodWine group at what is known as a "foodstock", very similar to the gatherings held by TheTravelzine group. There will be people attending from various parts of Canada and the U.S. and the highlight is hopefully going to be a Saturday winery tour followed by dinner, as well as attending a performance of "Gypsy" at the Shaw Festival.

Pat, Ontario