Subject: Re: Summer Plans?
Hello Ziners -

Perhaps a little unusual for this group but our Summer travel plans revolve around a long anticipated coast to coast bicycle tour over the course of 75 days or so. To celebrate 25 years of marriage and work, my wife and I have taken 90 day sabbaticals (from work, not the marriage!) and hope to complete this journey between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We dip our rear wheels in the Atlantic on Tuesday, May 31 and head west, following mainly rural roads on Adventure Cycling Association maps and cue sheets. We cross Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri (stopping at our home for a few days), Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon, dipping our front wheels in the Pacific at Astoria Oregon. Total distance is about 4500 miles, not counting any off course detours. We are self supported, carrying our food, clothing and shelter with us in rack mounted panniers and hope to average 70 miles a day with a day off here and there. It is our plan to maintain a weblog journal, hopefully daily but certainly several times a week. You can check it out at The site will be up within the next week. Wish us luck!

Doug Nickell Missouri