Subject: Re: Summer Plans?
Hello Ziners-

Do late May and June count as summer travel? We leave a week from tonight for a month long trip, starting in Prague, where we'll be leading a Music and Markets tour, then on to a music festival in the Lake District of England, then ending up in the south of France.We prefer to travel in the spring and fall too, but since so many of the music festivals that are now part of our life are in the summer, we spend a lot of time travelling then.

We'll be in Amsterdam for another Music and Markets tour in August (that's a nice place to be in August - cooler than the Washington DC area where we live!), and are toying with the idea of making a quick trip to our place in the south of France in mid July, since the Tour de France will be passing RIGHT by our little village, and my husband, Kirk's birthday is Bastille Day (July 14) and he loves how the whole country of France celebrates it with him :) We'll see if that dream becomes reality...

Happy travels, all, no matter what the season! Anne in Virginia