Subject: Re: Summer plans?
Hi Ziners,

For us, the usual: return to the States for a couple of weeks in August (though actually my wife and son spend more like a month and a half since their vacation isn't limited).

And as usual we'll visit my family in Boca Raton, Fla. (with its heat and humidity), spend a couple of days in Washington to visit friends, and finally to central Pennsylvania for my wife's family. This time it will be a different visit as my sister-in-law is getting married. My 5-year-old son will be the ring bearer.

We usually take our "real" vacations in the off-seasons. For example, we spent a couple of weeks in Scotland last month and earlier this month.

Then we may take another vacation in September or October (if we have the money).

Working in France means I get lots of time off (almost eight weeks this vacation year, which runs from June through May), but we spend half of that time or more visiting the States, leaving three or four weeks to explore the rest of Europe.

Hard to complain.

Hope all Ziners have great vacations -- in the summer or at any other time.

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris