Subject: Re: Summer Plans?
Hi Ziners,

We bought a camper/van last week and are doing several trips of short duration before we make the long trek to New England. One overnighter is to New Orleans to see the many art galleries and to take a tour of the historical homes. Then we plan to go to Biloxi overnight to the casinos to see if we can win enough money to take a longer trip. (chuckle) We also plan to visit Blue Ridge TX to see my parents for Father's Day. But our big trip of the summer will be to visit our friends in New Hampshire in August and this will entail a class in landscape painting for me and then when that is over we are going down Maine and visiting Kennebunkport and the President's favorite restaurant (Brantley's) for some lobster pie and a blueberry cobbler to die for...I also will be painting along on the coast line at any of the millions of beautiful vistas there.

And I'd like to set the record straight...about FL. We live in the panhandle near Pensacola and it hardly ever gets humid like down in south FL.

Jane in Wonderful FL...