Subject: Re: Summer Plans?

Our summer/fall will be as follows:

Leaving the USA in late July - 5 days in Strasbourg, France - rented apartment

2 weeks Tuscany - rented cottage 1 week, rented apartment 1 week

2 weeks vicinity of Naples - rented cottage 1 week north of Naples (Gaeta), rented apartment 1 week south of Naples (Salerno area)

2 weeks Puglia - rented apartment in Trani

2 weeks Sicily - 1 week rented apartment in Taormina, 1 week rented apartment in western Sicily (Sciacca)

1 week Calabria - rented cottage in Soverato (vicinity of Catanzaro)

1 week Menton, France - apartment

2 days driving through France (B&Bs) so as to arrive in Amsterdam

5 days in Amsterdam vicinity- apartment close to Edam

Home late October

It'll be a trip we've been planning for a long time and to make it even more of an adventure, we're bringing our little dachshund with us!

Happy travels! Jane, Boca Raton