Subject: Italy "Is La Marche the Next Tuscany?"
Hello all you happy travelers,

All the summer plans sound wonderful. I hope mine work out. (A secluded retreat in Kauai in July)

In case anyone is looking for a little-known but wonderful place, New York Times (5/22) has a great lengthy article, titled as in the subject line, that makes me want to head for Italy tomorrow -- well, maybe today. If it's half as great as it sounds, it is my kind of place. If you love Italy, be sure to look it up. If you've already enjoyed Le Marche (sounds more like France, doesn't it?), please give us your critique. I printed it out, and it is six pages, even in a small print, but I didn't want to take a chance on forgetting about it. FAT CHANCE!

My long-time friend tells me it was 106 degrees in Temecula, CA yesterday. Texas Hill Country is not so bad after all. I enjoyed a fair amount of time on my deck in a cool breeze. Weather is so fickle.

Happy summer and happy travels to all, Lou in Lakeway, TX