Subject: Re: Greece
Hello Jerry and Ziners,

We went to Greece 3 years ago with our Greek American friend who has been traveling to Greece her whole life and she took us to island of Andros which is not nearly as well known as some. She explained that the Greeks go Andros to get a way from the tourists. It is small and inimate and authentic. We stayed up in the hills with a wonderfuly view for very little cost, but did have to lug up our own bags at leat 400 steps. The locals were complaining that the British have stopped coming because of the exchange rate. If you do go to Andros, be the first off the ferry and run for one of the few taxis.

My favorite island, though, was Santorini. We stayed in town facing the Caldera, and it is a must but difficult for the first time to find by car and once again, a lug of the baggage for the length of 2 football fields. But it is more romantic than Rio and memorable for a life time. Throw on a back pack, drive over to Red Beach and hike over the hills to the beach.

If you rent a car, rent very small - minimal parking. You can fly back to Athens in about 45 min.

Once back in Athens, our friend got us into a car(bigger this time) for several hours drive to Naphilon, which is also more frequented by the locals. It was very charming and reasonablely priced and the drive there was easy, on great roads and beautiful - worth a one night stay. Plan on about 3 hours back to the airport.

Peter in San Francisco