Subject: Re: Trip "Moments"
Hi Ziners:

Our latest trip moment might appear a little gruesome to some...

My husband and I just returned from a rather leisurely-paced trip to our daughter's in Vancouver, WA by car. No plans or motel reservations. We just "invented" the trip as we drove. We decided to wend our way through the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in central-to-eastern Oregon. Suddenly my husband, who was driving, called out,"A big bird just dove and landed, possibly a turkey vulture." We quickly pulled over and took out our binoculars. The big bird turned out to be a spectacular golden eagle and it was making the feathers fly off of whatever it had just caught. The victim must have been a goose, because the eagle suddenly tried to take off, first dragging its heavy prey, then taking flight with its meal's webbed feet dangling down.

It was National Geographic up close and personal.

Carrie in Bardonia, NY,