Subject: Re: Summer and Winter Plans
Hi, Well, Linda asked for summer plans and suggestions of winter plans. For the first time in our travel life we have both in place!

Our summer plans really should be considered "fall" plans, I guess. We depart Sept. 13 for a month in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We'll have 20 days on the mainland in both the highlands and the Amazon and then 11 days in the Islands on a small yacht. We are SO excited about this trip as it will just be us, one other couple and our wonderful Costa Rican guide, Charlie, and his "side-kick" Nino. During CR's rainy season, Charlie guides in Ecuador. We set up the entire itinerary via email using for ground arrangements the Ecuadorian company known as Neblina Forest. With all the emails going back and forth, we have become close friends with the owners and have been invited to have dinner with them one evening in their home.

Our winter plans will take us back to Costa Rica in January 2006 for our third birding trip with Charlie. There will be 4 other couples joining us for this trip. All are close friends so we will have a great time. My journals for the first 2 trips to CR (in 2001 & 2003) can be found at if anyone is interested.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Ruth Marie Colorado