Subject: Re: New York City Restaurant Week
Hi Candice

Of course, I should have mentioned our food preferences and perhaps neighbourhood preferences too although the latter is not so important I think as for the last 2 nights of our stay( which are the 2 days Restaurant week is happening) we will be at the Hyatt on the Hudson which means a bit of a trip into any part of Manhatten.

For the earlier part of our stay we will be at the Hilton on 6th Avenue so hope we'll be able to do some walking around and checking out some of the great recommendations.

Your tip about calling ahead to check the menu is a great one especially for someone like me who, whilst I'm not a vegetarian, definitely prefers seafood and a menu not to be too heavy on meat. I belive thar menus will be available after June 17th which is our first day in NY so I will call then.

Reggie (Thanks again, Reggie) had suggested Tropica and we have booked there for one night and will go carefully through your other list for either lunch or dinner for our last day in NY. Margaret suggests Brasserie 81/2(which you had suggested to her) and I'm going to look into it too. Thank you Margaret.

Thanks. Regards, Judy