Subject: Great Get-togethers
Hi Ziners,

Every so often there are references to GTG's. We want to let everyone know how wonderful it is to meet fellow travellers. We have recently returned from two months in Europe. We had posted our travel plans on The Travelzine, and were fortunate to meet Rui Martins in Portugal, and Frieda Lekkerkerker in Provence.

Rui came from Lisbon on his speedy motorcycle to see us in Lagos in the Algarve. We had a great 3 hour lunch in Salema, a quaint fishing village nearby. Next time we hope to visit with him in Lisbon.

Frieda had also responded to us,and prior to our departure from home, Frieda arranged a lunch date for us. However, we brought along a surprise for her. We had made contact with Kristin Espinasse, who writes a wonderful website, which we discovered from Frieda's site, We met Kristin the week before our date with Frieda, and as they knew each other, we invited Kristin to join us. We shared a wonderful lunch in Vidauban, chatting about life in Provence.

To see our pictures of our GTG's, go to:

Looking forward to future GTG's, home and abroad, Annabelle and Bill in Barrie