Subject: Summer plans and memorable travel
Hi Ziners, This is a busy travel year for us. My husband and I visited family in Las Vegas in January and in May. In March we rented a beautiful condo in St. Thomas to celebrate our upcoming 50th wedding anniversary and our daughter’s 25th anniversary. In April, my 16 year old granddaughter and I took an 8 day tour of Ireland followed by 4 days in London and 1 in Paris. The last two weeks in August we are going to Switzerland for a week and then another week in Italy. In Italy, we are staying 5 days in Sienna at a bed and breakfast and my daughter And I are taking a one day cooking class in Florence recommended by a ziner.

My most memorable travel moment occurred on a Rafting trip down the Colorado River with my father. On morning while we waited for the River to rise so we could get onto the raft, another raft passed our campsite. The occupants, who had wonderful voices, were all standing and singing, America the Beautiful. It was an awesome sound.

Patricia Coil Mentor, Ohio