Subject: RE: Washington, DC
Hello Tom and all!

Tom, as you are probably already aware, the Smithsonian Institution is just that--an institution, and not just one museum. The Smithsonian has about a dozen museums and a zoo in DC, a branch in New York City, a research facility on the Chesapeake Bay, etc. You could quite literally spend your entire vacation visiting nothing but the Smithsonian! It's been many years since I played tourist in DC, even though I work there five days a week, but several years ago I had excellent tours at the Library of Congress and the National Cathedral. If you're interested in space exploration and flying, be sure to visit the new Air & Space Museum Annex near Dulles Airport. You'll need to take a special bus from the Air & Space Museum on the Mall in DC since the Annex is about half-way to West Virginia (ok, it just seems that way). I've also heard good things about the private "Spy Museum," but I haven't been there myself.

One last thing...if you have pollen allergies, come prepared. This year has been AWFUL for anyone with allergies, even mild allergies. For those of you who follow such things, one day in April the pollen count was 3,217!!! It's better now, but still a very robust pollen season.

Have a wonderful trip! Mark Boyds, Maryland USA