Subject: Re: French - Spanish Atlantic border
Hello Leonardo and fellow Ziners-

About a year ago I had a short bit of work in Biarritz. I thought it was a lovely coastal city, but I honestly didn't get to enjoy much of it. We stayed at the luxurious Hotel Du Palais (which I would have never been able to afford on my own!). I was lucky enough to spend my 40th birthday in Biarritz and ate at a wonderful Italian bistro (Bistro Aroma, 18 rue de la Bergerie) with some friends and some fabulous wine! One afternoon I had a few hours off so I took a bus ride to St.Jean de Luz and spent a sunny, calm afternoon there ( I had a nice lunch at a place called Le Brouillarta that looks out over the beach (across the road). I would also suggest going to the beautiful town of San Sebastian ( near the border of Spain and France. I'm pretty sure other Ziners have mentioned this city. This medieval city has beautiful architecture as well as superb food and wine. You can spend days traveling from one tapas bar to another just tasting all the delicacies. And as Evan mentioned, Bilbao, Spain is a must see if you have the chance.

When I was there last year the city was going through major re-construction work. It is already a handsome city, but in a few years when it is complete, it will be a city not to be missed! A few websites that might help:

I found the Basque culture so fascinating as I know you will. Have a wonderful journey!

Jenni from Chicago