Subject: Re: Travel Across U.S.
Hi Lisa,

You may want to do some research using the Most Scenic Drives in America. Written by Reader's Digest, it shows '120 spectacular road trips'. I originally bought it for a co- worker that was retiring at 55 and reading the book made me so jealous, I bought one for myself.

Glancing at the states you mention I see 3 in New Mexico: The New Mexico North, Jemez mountain trail and New Mexico scenic south. Actually, there are a total of 23 scenic drives listed in the states you want to travel and they all sound wonderful!

You don't say how long you plan to drive in each state, or how long your trip will last, but I hope you make time for the glorious coastline in Northern California.

Hope you have a wonderful trip. Take notes for us 'ziners and tell us what you discover.

Marta & George Tamarac Florida