Subject: Re: North American Ice Cream Itinerary

I don't have a favorite ice cream store in the US, though I have fond childhood memories of the Good Humor man (remember him?) ringing his bell on summer afternoons. I loved the chocolate sundaes in the cup and the Chocolate Cake (I think that's what it was called) and Chocolate Eclair on a stick.

I have no special ice cream place in North America, though there was a Hershey's store in Hershey, PA (my wife's hometown) that sold great ice cream. The store has either closed or moved. And I love Friendly's milk shakes.

Nowadays, the best ice cream I've had was in any number of gelato stores in Tuscany. Two huge scoops of consistently yummy chocolate for about 1 euro or 1.50.

Bons voyages (et bon appetit!) Evan in Paris