Subject: Re: North American Ice Cream Itinerary
Hello, Ziners!

It's not in my neck of the woods, but I nominate Plainwell Ice Cream in Plainwell, Michigan for the best ice cream in the world! It's in Southwestern Michigan, a bit northwest of Kalamazoo. They make and serve the richest, creamiest ice cream with the most innovative flavors I've seen anywhere in the world! Competition is very stiff, with Dean's Ice Cream in town also, but I think they are a close second. I have family near there and we re-test the goods every few years.

Wait a minute - I forgot about a little ice cream cart in Moorea, French Polynesia on the way to Belvedere. I ordered a coconut ice cream cone and my husband ordered vanilla. I wanted to swtich right away!! The aromatic Tahitian vanilla is such a distinct memory that my mouth waters just thinking of it. Okay - Plainwell is the best domestically, and Moorea's internationally (in my opinion, at least).

Of course, the research must continue, so we rarely pass a Konditorei for pastry and ice cream, or a gelato shop to try new, intense flavors.

My husband forbids me to take any more photographs of him consuming ice cream on our travels, since our albums are full of them!

Regards, Pam in Sunnyvale, CA