Subject: Re: Japan
Hi Ziners,

I just read Debbie´s travel blogs of April (too busy travelling, I suppose), which brought back to my mind the wonderful time I had there some time ago.

For the benefit of those that are planning to go around the beginning of November, I wanted to relate the amazing experiences I had on a holiday named Culture Day, I think. In 2004 it fell on Nov.2.

That day we were in Tokio, and in the morning visited Meiji Shrine, which had a traditional music concert, as well as a monk parade. Very impressive. The place was full of families with children of 3 to 6 years of age, dressed in the traditional garb. Each child deserved to be photographed, they looked so cute.

Around lunch-time we were at Sensoji Temple, the starting point of a parade of people dressed in traditional dress and dancing, and playing music. That lasted about two hours, and was unforgettable.

I don´t know what day that holiday falls on this year, but it was a highlight of a very enjoyable trip, and I highly recommend it.

Gerry in Canada