Subject: Re: Rouen, France and New Forest, Great Britain
Hi, Pat,

My wife and I visited Rouen for a day in January, 2003 by taking a train from Paris's gare St-Lazaire. We were sorry we didn't have more time there, it was so appealing, despite a wet snow falling and the early darkness, from the buildings bearing the shell and bullet marks of 1944, to the Cathedral and churches that fascinated Monet, to the narrow medieval streets and of course, the Vieux Marche (spoiled somewhat by a modern church, replacing the destroyed original). There's a private museum bordering the marche dedicated to Joan of Arc that you shouldn't miss. It gives a strange feeling to see the model of the marche at the time of her execution, then to walk out and see that some of the same buildings are still there You really feel the presence of the 15th century.. Before you go, watch Theodore Dreiser's classic film, The Passion of Joan of Arc. I know it's readily available for rent on DVD in Toronto.

The chunnel train by-passes Rouen, doesn't it? If you have time in Paris, see Monet's paintings of the Cathedral in all types of light at the Musee d'Orsay.

Have a great trip. Eric, in Toronto