Subject: Re: North American Ice Cream Itinerary

As a native Cincinnatian I heartly concur on Graeters and Aglamesis as some of the best ice cream in the whole world. If you go to Cincinnati for these chill treats, you should be able to find both in the Hyde Park, Norwood area. Also you will find United Dairy Farmers, who started with one ice cream store in Norwood after WWII and now rival 7-11 for their pervasive convenience stores. However, beyond 7- 11, you can still get hand dipped cups and cones at most of the UDF convenience stores. This brings back wonderful childhood memories! In the summer UDF used to have lemonade smoothies made with lemonade and lemon sherbet!

If you want unusual ice cream, in San Francisco there is an ice crean store on Noriega St in the Sunset district, not too far from 19th Avenue (if I remember right) that has corn, garlic, and other odd flavors. Give garlic a try! When garlic is properly cooked and prepared it is almost sweet. In San Francisco don't miss the Italian Ice's. Another great Ice Cream store is on 24th St near SF General Hospital, and another on Castro St at 24th. However, I moved away from SF 8 years ago, so things may have changed.

Mary in Santa Maria CA