Subject: Mediterranean Cruise in '06/Oceania Cruise Line
Hi Sandy and Cynthia,

I've been on two Oceania cruises and would be happy to answer any questions about the ship.

Country Club casual means you don't have to dress formally for any nights like on other cruiselines. However, it doesn't mean shorts and tee shirts. Dress like you are going to a nice, upscale but casual restaurant on a Sat. night. Some men will be in nice cotton shirts perhaps w/ a summer sweater and some men will wear a jacket. A few will have on a tie, but not very many. Women's attire will range from nice pant outfits to dresses. I generally wear dress pants, often a microfiber or crepe and a dressy top such as a silk knit sweater or a silk blouse or dressy tank top (i.e. silk knit, often w/ some beading).

Candice NYC