Subject: Re: Mediterranean Cruise in '06
Hi Sandy,

Welcome to the board.

I have been on two Oceania cruises and I'd be happy to share my experiences with you. (Europe and South America) I've already posted about the meaning of country club attire in another message, so have a look at that post.

Is this your first cruise or just your first on Oceania? We've been on a few cruiselines and really like the smaller ship experience. Sometimes they get to ports that some of the big ships just can't get into, which is just great. Oceania ships (all 3 are identical looking) are just gorgeous and the beds are very, very comfortable and the sheets and bedding is the nicest I've even seen on a ship. The food is superb as is the service.

We were on Oceania's inaugural cruise which went from Barcelona to Dover. Feel free to post here asking info on individual cities where members will give you lots of information. I hope you're going to fly into Barcelona a few days prior to getting aboard.

Candice NYC