Subject: Re: Need Info. ASAP: England
Hi, Annabelle and Bill, You can get a train to just about anywhere in England from Gatwick Airport so that would be my suggestion. However, I don't have any recommendations regarding a hotel although I do know there is a Holiday Inn Express located there. A good website where you can check out various hotels there and book online is

You might also want to check out a Southhampton tourist guide at> for restaurants, etc.

Last time we were in London in June we stayed at a university residence, King's College, part of the University of London - that was six years ago and I think we paid the princely sum of about $70 Canadian for the two of us which included breakfast. This was centrally located on a quiet street across from a cricket pitch with several very inexpensive restaurants nearby. Right now, they are advertising twin rooms from 45.

You can book online. Website is

Hope this helps and have a wonderful vacation!

Pat, Pain Court, Ontario