Subject: Re: London and Umbrellas

First of all - thanks Joan for your Cheeshire Cheese note. I will be in London in October and am really looking forward to go there again. Now I know I´ll order cheese, pickles and crusty bread!!!

Second (but not least!) - Joan, try the James and Cartreff B&B - . I booked there for October. Sounds real good and it is in a real good area, Belgravia. And the price is perfect - 62 pounds for a single room with bathroom. Never been there yet but read a very good recommendation from another Ziner sometime ago and the pictures in the site are tempting.

Third - Some years ago while my daughter and I were experiencing Stonehenge we almost became a double version of Mary Poppins! Our umbrella literally blew off! Total loss. This trip I will be in Scotland for some time so that means umbrella, plus everything one can use for rain except an umbrella!

Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brazil