Subject: Re: Need Info. ASAP: England
Hi Ziners,and in particular Annabelle,

The easiest way of getting to Southampton, is probably train, although it is a two hour journey with a change, normally at Clapham Junction. The National express coach is cheaper, but a much longer journey.

Hotel wise, if you google on hotels in Southampton there are several Holiday inn type places near or around - it depends on budgets. Grand Harbour is supposedly excellent, but would be well beyond my means. Novotel is fairly close to the city centre, some of the others are quite a way out I have not heard anything bad about the Star, Dolphin or Southampton Park hotels. I have been to functions at Chilworth Manor, and it was fine, but is at least a 10 - 15 minute journey from the station on the outskirts.

Restaurants - Ennios al porta and Margherita are both italian restaurants near the red funnel ferry port (walkable from town centre) both are good. Kutis is a very highly rated Indian restaurant with a very good buffet, I have recently eaten at the Wild Orchid, and found the food excellent (Thai inspired, but many different types of cooking)

To do in Southampton - depends on how long you have, and what you like doing. It has interesting historical walls, a good museum. But I would not bother - I'd get a train and go to Winchester - 15 minutes away -3 or 4 trains an hour. an historical city with roman origins, a wonderful cathedral, many museums, good restaurants and pubs.

Tim, Hampshire (quite near Southampton Actually), UK