Subject: Re: Kenya tips/travel gifts
Hi Tory, Your friends will have a great time in Kenya! Tell them that their shoes will get muddy, so bring comfortable ones that they don't mind tossing before they go home (less to pack!).

Tell them to take a malaria preventative other than larium -- it is known for some weird reactions. It happened to me and I would never take it again.

We gave away small things to the children we met, but if they don't have enough for all, the children will fight amongst themselves. The women we met loved our lipsticks so bring those samples along.

If they don't have binoculars, that would make a good gift for your friends. I had a zoom on my camcorder so I got to see all the good stuff close up, but one or both of them will need binoculars. Whatever camera they bring should have a very powerful zoom -- that's how they'll get the best photos.

Tell them to pinch themselves to remind them they're in AFRICA!! A beautiful place with beautiful people and animals that live the way nature intended.

Debbie in Boca Raton, FL